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    Apple preloads every iPhone with a slew of its own first-party apps — but thankfully, the App Store is overflowing with alternative apps, many of which are better than Apple’s.

    Whether you’re looking to organise your photos, get some work done, or get around town, we’ve scoured the App Store for the best apps that are better than the default ones on your iPhone.

    Instead of Mail, use Email (from Edison).​

    I try new email apps all the time, but after using Outlook for a while, I’ve fallen in love with another app, Email from EasilyDo.

    It’s incredibly fast, highly customisable, and, most importantly, it’s both smarter and more proactive than any other email app I’ve used. It automatically scans your emails for purchases, receipts, attachments, calendar dates, and more, and it’ll automatically put those emails into separate, appropriately labelled folders that appear on your sidebar. It’s super nifty — you can read my review of it here.

    I’ve used Google’s calendar app on the desktop for years — but even if you haven’t, you’ll feel right at home on Google Calendar, which is beautiful to look at and easy to use.

    Like Apple’s Calendar, it can pull in data from Google, Facebook, and iCloud, but it presents all the information in a much more useful way than Apple’s default app does. The top half of the screen shows you the whole month, and the lower half of the screen shows you what’s up next. You can scroll down to see what’s coming up, and you can tap the top right corner of the screen to jump back to the present day. It’s all incredibly intuitive.

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