About Us

T.I.M.E. (the original Social Collective) is a private ,closed member, grassroots cooperative in existence for over the past 12 years. We work tirelessly to preserve your health and right to access affordable medicine. We support a, grow your own policy and have a collective space for MMAR’s and Doctor’s prescribed individuals alike. We discuss issues surrounding the MMAR and MMPR, the future forward and attempt to assist those who do not fit into the new program for either financial reasons, and or other access reasons. We are particularly interested in serving those whom are in dire medical need and offer extraordinary pricing for those whom find themselves requiring some form of government assistance. We advocate, for your right to more access not less, and your right to have a greater say in how you obtain your medication. Note: though our doors are open now, we are experiencing demand to such a degree that we will need to close membership in the near future.